Todd T. Brown | The Red Poppy Art House

Todd T. Brown

Todd T. Brown's experience spans 20 years of exploring artistic disciplines and presenting small-scale arts within the context of local and global communities. Brown is a founder of the Red Poppy Art House and the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) and is an artistic advisor for the EDELO contemporary art center in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Together with Meklit Hadero, he leads the music ensemble Nefasha Ayer—The Space of In Between.

The Project

Brown uses multiple mediums to explore the increasing complexity of global identities: the ways in which we identify ourselves and others, the groups and cultures we inhabit, and the need for creative environments where we can encounter one another in a meaningful way. In addition to creating studio work, he will be piloting a social-cultural network of artist-led projects that invite the general public to participate in the behind-the-scenes infrastructure of artistic production. He calls this network "the ITCH." What will happen if social networks join with cultural initiatives to generate new forms of civic participation in the arts? Brown will explore these questions and more.

The Collaborating Partner

The Red Poppy Art House is a neighborhood micro-center for artistic and intercultural life in San Francisco with international reach. This small-scale multidisciplinary performance space has been charting the course for an innovative model to enhance community engagement in the arts. Operating from a 650-square-foot storefront, the Red Poppy Art House seeks to demonstrate the unique, powerful, and irreplaceable capacity of intimate spaces to facilitate diverse and meaningful relationships that lead to social transformation and health.

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