October 20, 2018October 28, 2018

Anna Halprin: Body Radical

Anna Halprin’s career has been exceptionally long and varied—even for an artist who turned 98 this year—and her pieces have inspired generations of other artists around the world, across many disciplines, artistic and social movements, and communities. This October we celebrate Halprin and her multidisciplinary practice by presenting a selection of performances, film screenings, workshops, and participatory events, including Planetary Dance (which has been staged in forty-six countries on six continents to date).

Halprin has consistently defied the boundaries of dance, using experiments with everyday movement and contextual shifts away from the stage to reinvent its forms, subjects, and intentions. She has pushed the medium even further as a tool to address social justice issues, connect people with one another and the environment, foster community across racial and social divides, and facilitate both physical and psychological healing. Long renowned in the dance world, Halprin is increasingly recognized as a contemporary artist who brings a pioneering approach to social and collective artistic practices. Richard Schechner, editor of TDR: The Drama Review, calls her “one of the most important and original thinkers in performance.”

This presentation’s multiple performances, workshops, and screenings together offer a glimpse into Halprin’s work, methods, and legacy, allowing reflection on her key past projects and active engagement with the continuing vitality of her work.


Although not part of the de Young presentation, those who wish to experience a Halprin workshop in the iconic Mountain Home studio in Marin can register for the Life/Art Dances workshop with Daria Halprin, who co-founded Tamalpa Institute with her mother in 1978.

Performances and events listed below.

Image: Anna Halprin teaching a workshop on the dance deck, Kentfield, CA, ca. 1970s. Photograph by Peter Larson