Matter! 16th Annual New Generations Student Showcase

This event is expired.

This juried showcase of multidisciplinary work presents creations by students attending classes, colleges, universities, and alternative education facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Think of it as a one-word manifest: Matter! 

Matter! Is the stuff of our lives, the goods that surround us, the fibers we wear, and the atoms of which our bodies are formed. Artists and designers have, in recent years, called for a return to Matter!: new investigations of material culture, a re-invigoration of distinctly handmade objects, and insistent materiality. In an age characterized by post-studio art, others might argue that what matters most today is something immaterial, something social—an artistic form of anti-matter.


Works will be shown in the Koret Auditorium, Wilsey Court, and the Piazzoni Murals Room.



Featured 2-D and 3-D artwork.

Film Screenings:

Outside of Koret Auditorium: About the Twenty-Somethings

6:45pm Plan Your Love
6:50pm Recycle Woman: Together We Can Save the Planet!
7:45pm  Plan Your Love
7:50pm Recycle Woman: Together We can Save the Planet!

The films:

About the Twenty-Somethings (3 min.) The goal of this project was to create a quickly flashing video with text incorporated out of different images. By Peter Cochrane, San Francisco State University.

Plan Your Love (5 min.) This music video was an experimental concept, a unique stop-motion animation project created by 74 students taking their first introductory course in Digital Imaging 1, learning graphic design principles along with the software application Adobe Photoshop, in the Graphic Communication Department at Sacrament City College, Fall 2011 Semester, led by Professor Tom Cappelletti and under the creative leadership and direction of TA Chris Hopkins.

Recycle Woman: Together We Can Save the Planet! (27 mins.) The mission of Recycle Woman is to bring awareness to the planet’s condition through innovative stories that entertain and educate youths, while empowering them to be their own present-day superhero. Recycle Woman targets all issues regarding the planet’s declining health and educates her audience with the knowledge and tools to separate organic waste from the landfill and maximize resource recovery. The goal of the movie is to guide youths through positive change that will benefit the planet. Recycle Woman shows the sad and scary truth, while including comic relief and leaving the audience with the tools to be proactive, by making simple sustainable changes in everyday life and in school. The movie has been backed and funded by, Northern California Recycling Association, the Altamont Education Advisory Board, Alameda County Industries, and the City of Alameda. Captain Charles Moore, who discovered the plastic gyre in the ocean, allowed us to use up to 60 seconds from his documentary film Synthetic Sea.

POP-UP ART HISTORY (Graduate students from the University of California-Berkeley)
Requires general admission museum tickets

6:15 p.m. First artworks
Meet in Wilsey Court outside the entrance to the de Young Café

7:15 p.m. Second set of artworks
Meet at the top of the Wilsey Court staircase leading to the second-floor galleries.

1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-place winners will be announced from the Wilsey Court Stage at 8:20 p.m.

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*Students and faculty will recieve complimentary general admission to the permanent collection galleries with presentation of their institutional ID at the admissions desk. This does not include the special exhibition.

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