Read our COVID-19 safety guidelines. The museum is closing early at 2 pm on Thursday, 10/6.

The de Young Open FAQ

How were the works of art in The de Young Open selected?

  • Artists were able to submit their works to the show from June 1–14, 2020. Artworks were reviewed by a jury of four Fine Arts Museums curators, as well as renowned Bay Area artists Enrique Chagoya, Hung Liu and Mildred Howard. When selecting the artworks for the show, the seven jurors were only able to see the artwork images, along with their titles, media, and dimensions. The artist's identities were not available or accessible to them during the jury selection process. 

Where should I go to purchase a work of art from The de Young Open? How does the website work?

  • Artwork on view in The de Young Open will be available for purchase online, directly from the artists, beginning Saturday, October 10, at 9.30 am.
  • You can access The de Young Open web art gallery by visiting The de Young Open exhibition page, or by using your phone to scan the QR codes printed in the galleries in the exhibition at the de Young. 
  • Viewers interested in acquiring a work of art should record the number that appears on the wall at the lower right of each work. Entering this number into the web gallery will prompt you to the artwork page featuring the artist’s contact information. 
  • The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is not responsible for any transactional aspects of the exhibition.

When will I be able to pick up the work of art? 

  • All artwork acquisition arrangements must be made directly with the artist. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are not responsible for the sale of any artworks.

The work I am interested in is sold. How can I find out if other works by the artist are available?

  • Please inquire directly with the artist. Artist contact information and pricing will go live on the web gallery website beginning Saturday, October 10, at 9.30 am.

Artwork/Exhibition FAQs

  • The Artist Preview day, October 6, has sold out! We’ve reached capacity with artists + 1 reserving tickets. Please look for a future date to come visit the exhibition--you can book tickets for Free Saturdays and the first Tuesday of the month to take advantage of free admission days.

  • Artists must be full-time residents of the nine Bay Area counties (not visiting students).

  • Artists are not required to offer their works for sale.

  • While 2D and 3D textile or fiber works are acceptable if they conform to the listed restrictions, we cannot accommodate fashion or couture that requires a mannequin. Textile and fiber works must be ready to hang or stand on their own.

  • We cannot accommodate works that are suspended from the ceiling.

  • Artists who “appropriate” imagery from an existing artwork or source are solely responsible for obtaining copyright and reproduction permissions.