The de Young is preparing to open to the public. Learn about extra precautions to welcome you back soon.

The de Young Open FAQ

Artwork dropoff

We are moving the artwork intake downstairs, to the garage entrance. If you are an artist scheduled to drop-off your artwork between September 21-25, please check your email for updated instructions. We will be opening our doors to members, and to maintain the safest conditions for people and artwork, have had to change the art intake plans. The garage has 15-minute free parking, $5/hour if parked longer than 15 minutes. 

Artwork/Exhibition FAQs

  • Artists must be full-time residents of the nine Bay Area counties (not visiting students).

  • Artists are not required to offer their works for sale.

  • While 2D and 3D textile or fiber works are acceptable if they conform to the listed restrictions, we cannot accommodate fashion or couture that requires a mannequin. Textile and fiber works must be ready to hang or stand on their own.

  • We cannot accommodate works that are suspended from the ceiling.

  • Artists who “appropriate” imagery from an existing artwork or source are solely responsible for obtaining copyright and reproduction permissions.