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Conditions for Print and Electronic Publication

Conditions for Permission

  1. Reproduction is permitted only from photographic material supplied by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Reproduction from printed or other non-photographic materials not supplied by the Museums is strictly prohibited.
  2. Permission is granted for only one usage in one publication, one edition, and in one language. Additional language editions and subsequent revised new editions will be considered upon application.
  3. Full documentation and ownership credit, as specified by the Museums, must appear either directly under the reproduction, on the page facing, on the reverse, or in the illustration credit section. Full documentation consists of the artist’s name, title of work of art, date, medium, and size. In addition to FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO, the credit line must include the donor’s name when indicated.

    a. In the case of books with reproductions bound within text: if the Museums reproductions are the only ones in this publication, with captions in one of the above stated locations, then you may list only the artist’s name, title of work of art, and date. However, the complete ownership documentation must appear elsewhere within the book, such as in an index or list of illustrations.

    b. In the case of films, videos, filmstrips: if it is not stated on the adjacent frame, this information must appear in the accompanying manual.
  4. If an art object is not reproduced in its entirety, that is, if it is cropped in any way, the caption must include the word “detail.” The work of art is to be reproduced without “bleeding,” alteration, or overprinting of any kind. Reproductions may not be printed on color stock.
  5. Applicants may be asked to submit color proofs in advance of publication.
  6. Special permission is required if the reproduction is to appear as frontispiece, chapter divider, book cover/dust jacket, calendar, poster, individual reproduction, or if it is not referred to directly in the text. In such cases, additional fee is payable. The final layout must be submitted before production for approval by the Museums.
  7. Immediately upon publication, one copy shall be sent to the Photo Services Department and shall become the property of the Museums.
  8. The permission hereby granted terminates immediately upon publication.
  9. Copyright for the requested image(s) may be in question. Our fees relate to usage and handling. Copyrights are generally retained by the artists. Permission to use art not in the public domain must be secured by your through the artist or their agents.
  10. Black and White photographs and digital prints need not be returned. Transparencies are licensed on a 3 month basis, and must be returned at the conclusion of such period, or a late fee will be incurred. At the discretion of the Fine Arts Museums, additional fees may be charged for lost or damaged transparencies.

Policy on Rights and Reproductions of Electronic Images

Please note: the following conditions apply to all electronic and optical uses:

  1. Your product must by copyrighted and contain a general notice of copyright which includes the following language:

    “Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, transmission, or copying, mechanical or electronic, is a violation of applicable laws. This product and the individual images contained within are protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, transmission, or exhibition of the whole or of any part therein may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The downloading of images is not permitted.”
  2. No downloading of images by a third party or for another project other than that which is stated on the “Application for Permission to Reproduce Works of Art” is allowed.
  3. The transfer of images in any format is not permitted.
  4. No derivative products, additional versions, or product compilations are permitted without specific written permission from the Museum in advance.
  5. Distribution is permitted in the product form specified on the “Application for Permission to Reproduce Works of Art” only. No transmission, downloading, broadcasting, display, or performance is permitted.
  6. All other rights with respect to the work, whether now existing or which may hereafter come into existence, including but not limited to print publication, electronic publication in all media and formats other than that which is specified on the “Application for Permission to Reproduce Works of Art,” video, movie, or audio rights, which are not expressly granted to licensee herein are reserved to Owner.
  7. The copyright symbol of the Museum must be prominently displayed: © Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
  8. No reproduction in printed media is allowed without specific written permission from the Museum in advance.
  9. Individual images and/or the name of Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are not to be used for advertising or promotion purposes without specific written permission from the Museum in advance.
  10. No overprinting or manipulation of the image is permitted.
  11. Permission is granted as stated on the “Application for Permission to Reproduce Works of Art” for use for a period of 8 years (or other agreed time).
  12. Any reproduction which deviates from the original photograph or transparency, including but not limited to computer manipulation, renders this permission void.