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This suite of activities focuses on the concept of pattern in both art and science, and is designed for students in the lower elementary grades. These lessons work well independently as standalone activities, but can also be taught together as a full unit exploring patterns. 

Before using the lesson plans, read the Patterns Thinking Frame document, which provides a simple framework to support and deepen children’s thinking. Students can use this tool as a consistent way to think about patterns in any context and subject area. 

The lesson plans below are designed to develop different skills within this framework.  Pattern or Not? focuses on recognizing patterns. The Recognizing and Describing Patterns activity further builds that skill and adds tools for describing patterns. Both Footprints and Patterns and A Place to Call Home advance skills of interpretation and prediction in the contexts of art and science.

Lesson Plans

Patterns Thinking FrameView and Download
Pattern or Not?View and Download
Recognizing and Describing PatternsView and Download
Footprints and PatternsView and Download
A Place to Call HomeView and Download