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Auxiliaries of the Fine Arts Museums

Consisting of five membership groups, the Auxiliaries comprise volunteers who raise funds to help support the goals of the Fine Arts Museums. Their activities include the coordination of Bouquets to Art, the largest annual fundraiser for the Museums, in addition to smaller initiatives and social gatherings throughout the year.

San Francisco Auxiliary of the Fine Arts Museums

The largest and most active of the five groups, the San Francisco Auxiliary of the Fine Arts Museums was founded in 1949 and includes approximately 165 members. Each year, the San Francisco Auxiliary forms committees that plan and execute Bouquets to Art (BTA), a beloved weeklong event during which about 120 floral artists interpret works in the de Young’s permanent collection with floral displays. BTA, which debuted in 1985, brings in 50,000 guests each year, and, during the past 34 years, the event has raised more than $7 million to support special exhibitions, education programs, and conservation projects. In addition to BTA, the San Francisco Auxiliary also heads smaller fundraising initiatives for the Museums. The group has seven general meetings a year, held at either the Legion of Honor or the de Young. The meetings include private docent tours, the administration of San Francisco Auxiliary business, and opportunities to socialize. 

The group is open to new members, who are sponsored by existing members during the yearly membership drive. San Francisco Auxiliary dues are $150 annually, and all members must maintain a current membership in the Museums and fulfill the attendance and volunteer requirements of this Auxiliary. Members need not live in San Francisco; those from all around the Bay Area are welcome.

Suburban Auxiliaries: Belvedere-Tiburon, East Bay, Hillsborough, and Ross

The Suburban Auxiliaries range in size from 40 to 140 members who reside in specific geographic areas. These groups support museum activities by volunteering during Bouquets to Art, underwriting demonstration lectures, and making independent donations to the Education department and other museum programs. Each of the Suburban Auxiliaries has its own requirements for membership, but all share the mission of supporting the goals of the Fine Arts Museums. Requirements for membership include maintaining a current membership in the Museums, in addition to attending business meetings and paying dues to the respective Auxiliary in the amount of $75 to $150, annually. All of the Suburban Auxiliaries meet throughout the year to participate in docent tours at the Museums, tours of private art collections, luncheons, presentations, and more.   

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