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To learn more about Exploring the Highalnds of New Guinea, watch the podcast listed below:

Exploring the Highlands of New Guinea: Art, Science, and Conservation (03:49) with Christina Hellmich

To learn more about the pre-history of Papua New Guinea, please download the article When Humans Arrived in the New Guinea Highlands.

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Additional Resources

Visit the Papua New Guinea Embassy website for more information about Papua New Guinea. Learn about the Highlands' topographical and geological features as well profiles of specific provinces, including: Enga, Simbu, Southern Highlands, and Western Highlands.

General information about Papua New Guinea can also be found on the U.S. State Department website or at

Topics from Oceania: Units for Junior Secondary School History, a SPINF/TTPF/AAAPS/PHA Publication 2010 for junior and middle-secondary High School students.