To learn more about the birds of New Guinea, watch the podcasts listed below:

“The Importance of New Guinea Birds” (04:24) with Michael Mel

“Pitohui Birds” (06:17) with Jack Dumbacher

“Birds of Paradise” (09:13) with Jack Dumbacher

“Cassowary Birds” (04:31) with Jack Dumbacher

For additional information about Jack Dumbacher's research on the ecology and evolution of birds, visit his page on the California Academy of Sciences website.

Visit the cassowary bird at the San Francisco Zoo.


  • “Pitohui? Ptooey!” [New Guinea’s Toxic Bird], Venom (Scholastic Inc., 2007) 60-61.
  • Muruk and Kokomo” [Cassowary and Hornbill] by Waravii Gilbert

Fact Sheets

To learn more about the birds you see below, please visit Fact Sheet: Birds.

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Papuan Hornbill
Birds of Paradise