Art and Society


To learn about Art and Society in the New Guinea Highlands, watch the podcasts listed below:

The Enga Culture and Transition Centre in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea was a partner in the development of this curriculum. To learn more about anthropologist Polly Weissner, who helped create and fund the Enga Culture and Transition Centre, please click here

Bilum artist Cathy Kata 

Watch the podcast, Cathy Kata: A Bilum (string bag) Artist, to hear artist Cathy Kata describe the importance of the bilum.

Below are lyrics to a traditional bilum song:

Cultural educator Lelyame Yongapen

Performance artist Michael Mel at the de Young


Fact Sheets

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Image Gallery

To see pictures of how these objects are used in context, please click here.

Ancestral board (gerua wenena)
Shield (reipe)
String bag (kabeel men)
String bag (tyaapl men)