The de Young and Legion of Honor are open. Learn about extra precautions to welcome you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we see the rental spaces?
Site visits can be scheduled with the Facility Rental Manager. If you prefer to come by on your own, rental areas are open to the public and can be visited during business hours without an appointment or tickets. The museum is open Tuesday–Sunday from 9:30 am–5:15 pm. Please keep in mind the Tower and Café close early at 4:30 pm. The museum is closed on Mondays.

How can we check availability or place a hold on a potential date?
Please call the facility rental manager to check date availability. If a date is open, you may place a tentative hold on the date. Holds are valid for 30 days.

What if there is a hold on the date we want?
The calendaring system can place two holds for any given date. If you are interested in a date with one tentative hold, you can be placed as the second hold. If you are interested in a date with holds, you must challenge the holding parties in order to secure your date.

How do we challenge a hold?
In order to challenge a hold, you must sign the challenge waiver and submit a payment of 50% of your estimated rental fees. Once this has been received by the facility rental manager, the holding party(ies) will have 48 hours to book the space or lose their hold. By challenging a hold, you are committing to going to contract for that specific date. Challenge deposits are non refundable.

What if our hold is challenged by another party?
If your hold is challenged, the facility rental manager will give you notice via phone or email that you have been challenged. You will be required to go to contract and submit a 50% rental deposit within 48 hours or you will release your hold.

What is the earliest event start time for an event at the de Young?
The de Young is available for events beginning each evening at 6:30 pm. On Mondays, events may start earlier as the museum is closed and there is more flexibility with start time and set up.

What is the latest time an event can run?
The latest an event can run is until 1 am.

How early can the caterer, florist, or other vendor access the museum for set-up?
Caterers have access to the catering kitchen beginning at 2 pm on the day of your event. Set-up of event space cannot begin until 5:30 pm. You may rent the Piazzoni Murals Room during the daytime as a private set-up area for your event. Please contact the facility rental manager for costs.

What if our guests arrive early?
The museum will not open doors to your guests until your contracted event start time.

Can we rent any spaces for less than three hours?
All rental fees are based on a three-hour event. You of course do not need to use the entire three hours if your event is shorter.

What is the museum’s shipping and receiving policy?
The museum does not accept any deliveries or shipments. All materials must be brought on site by your vendors or staff. All meeting or event equipment/supplies must be brought into the museum via the loading dock. No materials will be allowed to enter the museum from any other door. All materials must be removed within two hours of the event end time.

We have staff arriving early to set up—what do we need to do?
Any persons entering the museum before the event start time must be approved by the facility rental manager. You will be required to submit a list of all staff arriving early (10 staff max). All staff must enter the museum via the security entrance/loading dock located on John F. Kennedy Drive and may be required to show I.D.

What is the difference between the de Young main entrance and the de Young Café entrance?
The de Young Café entrance is located on the west side of the de Young and is accessed from Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive through the Barbro Osher Sculpture Garden. The main entrance is located on the front of the building on the south side of the de Young facing the music concourse. Your event entrance is determined by your event rental space.

Is the de Young available for daytime events?
The de Young offers the Piazzoni Murals Room for daytime event rentals. Events taking place at the de Young during the day must use the in-house concessionaire, McCall Associates for all catering services.

What is the policy for using outside caterers at the de Young?
Outside caterers listed on the de Young approved catering list are permitted to cater on site at the de Young. All caterers listed have been approved by the director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and are permitted to use the catering kitchen at the de Young. No caterers other than those listed on the approved list are permitted to cater in the de Young.

What are the restrictions with regard to decoration, music and entertainment at the de Young?
Our comprehensive policies and procedures will be included with your contract. You can request an electronic version prior to contract by emailing the facility rental manager.

Does the museum provide any event supplies?
No, the museum does not provide any equipment for events.

Does the rental fee include food, beverage or staff?
The rental fees listed include an engineer, custodial services, a museum representative, and security. No food, beverage or service staff is included in rental fees.

May I use the de Young for fundraising, religious, casino or events for guests under 21?
None of the above are permitted at the de Young.