Planned Giving at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Contact Information

For information about opportunities for planned giving at the Fine Arts Museum, types of gifts, and tax advantages, please contact Michele Gutierrez, Chief Financial Officer, at or 415.750.3682.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco recognizes individuals who believe that the de Young and the Legion of Honor museums have a vital place in our cultural life, and have expressed their support through a bequest or other planned gift.  These gifts can offer significant tax benefits to you or to your estate, while also providing this critical support to the Fine Arts Museums. You may designate your planned gift for areas including special exhibitions and projects, art acquisitions, educational programs, operating expenses, and long-term endowment support.

Planned Giving Options


The simplest and most common way to make a planned gift to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is through your will.

A Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to contribute cash or marketable securities to the Fine Arts Museums in exchange for a promise that you (and one successor beneficiary, if you wish) will receive a specific amount of money each year for life.

A Charitable Lead Trust

If you have substantial assets which you would like to transfer to your children, grandchildren or others, a Charitable Lead Trust is an excellent means of making a gift to the Fine Arts Museums while reducing gift or estate taxes.

A Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust enables you to make a gift which provides you, or someone you designate, with income for life or for a period of years.

Retirement Assets, Life Insurance and Real Estate

Retirement, life Insurance policies and real estate assets may all be donated to the Museums