Social Dream Lab: Swimming in the Hidden Stream—Childhood Dreams and Life Myth with Lane Arye, PhD

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Sky. Image courtesy of the artists.

Social Dream Lab

Contemporary culture is awash in the rhetoric of dreams and revolutionary longing. From attempts to revitalize America (the American Dream) and reinvigorate civil rights (the Dream Act) to recent global grassroots movements that imagine a future of social, economic, and environmental justice for all, collective aspirations are being creatively expressed and shared with unprecedented speed and reach. During the month of February 2013, the Kimball Education Gallery will be used as a laboratory for exploring the intersection of individual and shared states of (un)consciousness. Invited guests will include experts from diverse backgrounds who will facilitate dream experiments using both poetic and scientific methodologies. During the month, artists Wilson and Zimmerman will continue research and production for their experimental film Close the Eyes as they further examine both personal and collective dynamics of dreaming and its relationship to larger social and cultural issues of our time.

Saturday, February 9, 1 and 3 pm
Swimming the Hidden Stream: Childhood Dreams and Life Myth, a collective dream session with psychologist Lane Arye, PhD

The artists invite you to participate in or observe a dream session. Dream sessions take place on February 9, 10, 14, and 17. To reserve your space, email welcome as long as space is available.

Dream sessions will take place upon Fabric Earth: A Textile Topography, handcrafted by Amber Bieg.

Inspired by flying dreams and imagining aerial-view landscapes as the "Fabric of the Earth", Amber Bieg hand felts the Fabric Earth floor textiles using ancient wet felting techniques. Sourcing 100% local wool, the materials for this piece were coordinated by Fibershed.

In bringing awareness to the topography of natural systems we find patterns that teach us how to live on Earth. Often in dream-time, Amber experiences what she calls "10,000-ft views" showing her how human systems can follow nature's patterns. From developing mapping software that values ecosystem services, to creating felt topographies from locally sourced wool, Amber's role as an artist and entrepreneur is toguide the flow of dream into form. Influenced by her on-the-land upbringing in New Mexico, Amber believes that studying these natural patterns will help us design and build sustainable human systems with Earth as our guide.

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The Kimball Education Gallery is located in the free zone of the museum; no tickets are required. Please drop by anytime during open hours.

To reserve your space in a dream session, email welcome as long as space is available.

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