Lecture: "Textiles: Around the World in 80 Roundels," with Mary Schoeser

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Coptic tapestry, V&A
Tapestry: Akhmim, Egypt, AD 4th–5th century, courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Textile Arts Council presents a lecture by Mary Schoeser.

This lecture follows a trail that begins with Egyptian shen rings and ends with contemporary British textiles—taking in the world of textiles along the way. An element of woven silks, lush embroideries, shawls, carpets, and costumes, the roundel design is shown to be an enduring and meaningful pattern that also was used by members of the Arts & Crafts Movement, including Walter Crane and May Morris, as well as by many American quilt makers.

The lecture’s theme expands on just one aspect of Mary Schoeser’s latest book, Textiles: The Art of Mankind. Schoeser is a leading authority in the field of textiles and is Honorary President of the UK Textile Society. Her previous books include World Textiles: A Concise History (2003), Silk (2007), Rozanne Hawksley: Offerings (2009) and Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration (2010). She has recently co-curated an exhibition at the UC Davis Design Museum entitled Structures, Signifiers, and Society: People and Textiles, open until March 18, 2013.

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Free to Textile Arts Council members. $5 for FAMSF members and students, $10 for non-members. Tickets available at the door. Cash or check please.

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