Artist Fellows Sean Orlando & Rebar

June 5, 2013June 30, 2013

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday-Sunday, 1-5 plus Friday Nights 6-8:45 pm.
Artist Reception June 28 6-8:45 pm.

Drainage, running water, steam, sewage treatment, pumping stations, fire-suppression systems, backflow-protection valves, emergency backup water supplies—many of these systems are hidden in plain sight behind closed doors, in basements, or beneath manhole covers that we have walked across countless times. In contemporary society we rely on these expansive engineered networks of steel, brass, cast iron, and PVC in fundamental ways that we sometimes take for granted. The careful observer detects evidence of these complex systems just below and beyond perception, seeing the "tip of the iceberg" of the massive network of infrastructure that is, for most people, out of sight and out of mind.

During the month of June 2013, Urbanauts will create Systemic, an installation in the de Young’s Kimball Education Gallery that will multiply, morph, expand, and evolve over time. Systemic comprises a complex, entangled network of pipes and valves that will transform the gallery from wall to ceiling, challenging visitors to reflect on the space they inhabit and inviting them to rethink their relationship to the unseen infrastructure that supports city life. 

For more information on the Urbanauts project or the artists, Sean Orlando and Rebar, visit the Artist Fellows page

Urbanauts is presented with the support of the de Young Museum Artist Fellows Program and partner organization Black Rock Arts Foundation. This project has been generously funded by The James Irvine Foundation's Innovation Fund and the Institute of Museum and Library Services/Museums for America.