February Artist-In-Residence: Ajit Chauhan

February 4, 2009March 1, 2009

Ajit Chauhan: Having Visions
Having Visions is premised on the decimation of an imaginary culture. Items that have surfaced from this fictitious civilization will be introduced to museum visitors, who will be asked to supply the missing information to these “artifacts/artfacts.” Found items include a damaged film that will require visitors to provide the audio track, sculptural assemblages that will need to be furnished with instruction manuals, and a song without the lyric that needs the phrasing to be complete. The collective or communal energy put forth to complete each “assignment” will result in a shared vision or attempt at rebuilding a memory.

Closing Reception Friday, February 27, 6:00–8:30 pm
The Artist Studio program is supported by the Fleishhacker Foundation.Thank you to Nobilo Wines for their in-kind support.