Anna Halprin Performance: "Blank Placard Dance"

Blank Placard Dance, Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 1967. Photograph by Lawrence Halprin. Courtesy of Anna Halprin
October 20, 2018 - 2:30pm4:00pm

Prensented in conjunction with Anna Halprin: Body Radical, Blank Placard Dance is one of Halprin’s most iconic works that inscribes the political dimension of performance in urban and public space. The performance, led by Rosario Sammartino with an introduction by Anna Halprin, includes a large group of dancers as they process through the public spaces of the city, silently carrying blank placards.

Workshop: "Movement: Remembering the Body" with Anna Halprin and Tomoko Hiraoka

Anna Halprin teaching a workshop on the dance deck, Kentfield, CA, c. 1970s. Photograph by Peter Larson
October 20, 2018 - 10:00am12:30pm

Prensented in conjunction with Anna Halprin: Body Radical, this workshop offers the opportunity to work with an iconic dance educator to experience her unique approach to body and movement. This is a workshop for anybody that wants to explore the power of dance and discover new possibilities for expression. With her interdisciplinary approach to movement, spanning philosophy, science, and dance, Halprin encourages the discovery of the joy, strength, and inspiration that a dancing body can provide. 


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