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Live Music of the Mediterranean by Agapi Mou

Agapi Mou
August 14, 2015 -

Using violin, voice, clarinet, Greek lute (laouto), and percussion, Agapi Mou takes you on a listening tour of the diverse regional styles found in Greek music. Stops on the itinerary include the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Amorgos, Ikaria, Mytillini, as well as the mainland regions of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, and the Peloponnese. And lastly, because love and songs respect no boundaries, don’t be surprised by a cross-border stopover in Albania, Turkey, or perhaps Armenia.

This event is expired.

LECTURE: "Tracing Patterns of Textiles in Ancient Java (8th-15th Century)"

Goddess Parwati, 14th century Java
October 10, 2015 -

From the past to the present, textile art is one of the most important cultural expressions throughout the Indonesian archipelago. There is, however, a virtual absence of physical evidence of textiles prior to the 16th century. But despite this lack of material evidence, a plethora of textile depictions are carved on stone and metal statues as well as temple reliefs. These include images of banners, pillows, throne covers, wall hangings, and clothing; some are embellished with patterns, others blank. Of any carved images, the most prevalent by far falls into the category of clothing.

October 10, 2015 - 10:00am

Group Friday Night Dinner Package

Friday Nights at the de Young
Chef's Table Prix Fixe Dinner for Groups

New this summer! Experience Friday Nights at the de Young in a whole new way with a group tour and Chef’s Table dinner package for 10 to 15 guests. Enjoy a special family-style menu prepared by the Museum Café chef, Jason Smith. Reservations required.

Special Exhibition Tour and Dinner: $90 per guest
Dinner Only: $60 per guest, includes general admission to the permanent collection galleries from 5–8:30 pm
(prices inclusive of tax and tip)


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