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Megan Bourne, Secretary to the Museums

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About the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco


Comprising the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, we are the largest public arts institution in the City of San Francisco and one of the largest art museums in the United States.

Mission Statement

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco have rendered over a century of public service in the arts, and it is our mission to extend and enhance that service well into this century. More specifically, our mission encompasses the following goals:

Ticket Donations from the de Young and the Legion of Honor

Each year the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor) receives hundreds of requests for ticket donations to support fundraising efforts by non-profit organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Ticket donations will operate as follows: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco will donate four (4) complimentary general admission tickets upon request to each non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that directly benefits children’s education.


FAMSF Board of Trustees


Contact Information

Megan Bourne, Secretary to the Museums

"The Board is responsible for the protection and conservation of the assets of the Fine Arts Museums and for setting the public course the Museums will follow. The Board shall assure that the Museums are open, accessible and vital contributors to the cultural life of the City and County, and that the Museums' programs bring art appreciation and education to all the people of the City and County."

—San Francisco City Charter, Section 5.10

Artist-in-Residence Program at the de Young: Ian McDonald and student artists of San Francisco Art Institute

April 4, 2007April 29, 2007

The Museum Research/Explorations and Interventions
This class project led by teacher Ian McDonald will address the de Young’s permanent collection. Students will work in the Kimball Education Gallery for the month of April, culminating in a reception that will celebrate both their works, ranging from sculpture in the outdoor sculpture court to video projects.

Artist Program 


Artist-in-Residence Program at the de Young: Sonja Hinrichsen

June 5, 2007July 2, 2007

Sonja Hinrichsen
Observing and Perceiving: Landscape in Present and Past

Sonja Hinrichsen focuses on the immediate environment surrounding the de Young museum and its history, examining details of architecture and the park and mapping them with digital photography and video. She is keeping a record of changes in vegetation and of park visitors’ interaction with the environment. There are workshops for children, and museum visitors can participate by taking photos and creating a photo wall collage.

Artist Program 

Made possible by generous sponsor support from Wells Fargo, American Express, and The Irvine Foundation.

Artist-in-Residence Program at the de Young: Beth Grossman, Tracing History

July 6, 2007July 29, 2007

Beth Grossman

Artist Beth Grossman uses found objects to evoke a sense of wonder about history. Inspired by the origins of the de Young as collection of "treasures and curios" at the California Midwinter International Exhibition in 1894, Grossman considers the de Young's collection and the story that is told by the way it is exhibited.

Artist Program 


Artist-in-Residence Program at the de Young: Joe Mangrum, Experiencing Ephemeral Art

August 1, 2007August 31, 2007

Joe Mangrum

Joe Mangrum transforms the Kimball Gallery into an alchemist's laboratory. He deconstructs consumer culture and modern idyllic attachments to explore our meanings of wealth. Drawing inspiration from the de Young's historical collection, Joe invites the public to take part in his allegorical journey, by gold-leafing various everyday and ritualized objects. A landscape will emerge serving as a mirror to our obsessions, connections and true desires

Artist Program 

The Kimball Education Gallery is supported by the Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation and sponsored by American Express.


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