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Floral Design Demonstration: "Celebrating Flower Market Style: Northern California Treasure" by Cort Schwanebeck

Photo of Cort Schwanebeck
April 14, 2015 -

Back by popular demand, Cort Schwanebeck, the owner and proprietor of Acres Home and Garden in St. Helena, brings his dynamic and creative styling to Bouquets to Art. His eclectic artistic sensibility embraces both contemporary and traditional themes.

This event is expired.

Opening Celebration: "Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture"

Mbulu-ngulu, 19th century.
January 31, 2015 -

Join us for the opening day celebration of Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture featuring live music, performances, art-making activites for families, lectures, and more.

1 pm, Guest Lecture: Identification of Tree Species through the Analysis of DNA Extracted from Wood, by Richard H. Scheller, Executive Vice President of Research and Early Development, Genentech
Koret Auditorium

This event is expired.

Guest Lecture: "Embodiments: Masterworks of African Figurative Sculpture", by Richard H. Scheller and Manuel Jordan

African sculpture
January 8, 2015 -

Richard H. Scheller is Executive Vice President of Research and Early Development at Genentech. A member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he is a recipient of the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award and the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience.

Manuel Jordán is Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

This event is expired.

Docent Lecture: "From Here to Eternity: Honoring Our Ancestors in Africa, Oceania, and the Americas", by Martha Walker

Limestone of Stela with Queen lx Mutal Ahaw
January 11, 2015 -

How and why do we remember our ancestors? Do we know who they are? This presentation starts to answer those questions as it explores how African, Mesoamerican, and Oceanic cultures revere their ancestors through art.

This event is expired.

Docent Lecture: "California Treasures: Women Who Make a Difference", by Kay Payne

Portrait of Dorothy Spreckels Munn
January 11, 2015 -

This intriguing lecture, featuring painting, sculpture, and photography, celebrates a multitude of remarkable women: community leaders, activists, entertainers, artists, entrepreneurs, and politicians. These exceptional women come from every walk of life, serving on the front lines—and they are treasures who make an enormous contribution to California.

This event is expired.


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