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Seventh Annual Bay Area Undergraduate Art History Research Symposium

Undergraduate Art History Research Symposium
April 23, 2016 -

Please join us in celebrating excellence in undergraduate art history research.  Participants include:

Autymn L. Garvisch, Dominican University of California

“Ethiopians in Art and the Greco-Roman Consciousness”

Lisa-Elizabeth Blow, Sonoma State University

“Vision of a Caliph: The Umayyad Dynasty–Legitimacy & Sensuality of the Salon Rico and Royal Gardens”

Maia C. McCarthy, University of San Francisco

Third Annual Robert and Daphne Bransten Lecture: "Thoughts on the Globalization of Art" by Sarah Thornton

Sarah Thornton
May 20, 2016 -

Sarah Thornton addresses some of the major trends affecting the art world and artists’ lives. Topics include the growth in global audiences and markets for contemporary art; the investment in artworks as a hedge against currency fluctuations; the effects of migration on artists’ careers; and the popular appeal of physical art objects at a time when much culture is being digitized into thin air.

Guest Lecture: "Oscar de la Renta: Dressing the American Woman", by Brad Rosenstein

Oscar de le Renta, evening dress, 2014, Duchesse satin and velvet with "Oscar de la Renta" signature, private collection. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.)
April 29, 2016 -

For decades, Oscar de la Renta was the quintessential American designer, creating everything from stylish ready-to-wear daywear to the most opulent evening couture. Dressing everyone from debutantes and First Ladies to executives and rock stars, de la Renta kept pace with the ever-evolving roles of women in the west. Brad Rosenstein, program producer for the Presidio Trust, independent scholar, and curator takes us on a dazzling visual journey through de la Renta's unique blend of contemporary fashion with a timeless and ecstatic sense of beauty.

Guest Lecture: "The Life and Art of Chiura Obata", by Kimi Kodani Hill

Obata, Lake Basin in High Sierra
April 14, 2016 -

Kimi Kodani Hill is the granddaughter of Chiura Obata, and the Obata family historian. A graduate of UC Berkeley and California College of Arts and Crafts, she has served as the consultant for numerous Obata projects and exhibits. She is the editor of Shades of California: The Hidden Beauty of Ordinary Life and Topaz Moon: Chiura Obata’s Art of the Internment.

A Fashion for the “Exotic”: From Charles Frederick Worth to Oscar de la Renta, by Laura Camerlengo

 Ensemble (blouse and skirt)
May 7, 2016 -

For centuries, fashion designers have been inspired by the “exotic” – a term often used to describe designs that have the aesthetic characteristics or qualities typical of faraway or foreign lands, but one whose definition has fluctuated throughout fashion history. For some designers, exotic fashions indeed allude to the styles of a distant country or unknown culture; for others, the concept is looser, and used to create new fashions that are colorful, striking, and extraordinary.

Docent Lecture: "Oscar de la Renta: The Retrospective", by Ellen Harden

ODLR runway
April 30, 2016 -

This world premiere retrospective of Oscar de la Renta’s work celebrates the life and career of one of fashion’s most influential designers. The exhibition includes more than 130 pieces produced over five decades, and is presented in collaboration with the house of de la Renta and the designer’s family. These garments are organized into thematic sections: early work; Spanish; Eastern; Russian; garden influences; daywear and eveningwear; ball gowns and red carpet ensembles.


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