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Conversation and Floral Display: "The New Blooms, San Francisco's Next Generation of Leading Florists", by Alisa Carroll

Aubrie Pick
April 7, 2016 -

As editor-in-chief of San Francisco Cottages and Gardens, Alisa Carroll is always looking for trendsetters the realms of architecture, technology, landscape, or floral design. Her keen sense for uncovering the new and unique enables her to define the direction of design innovation in the Bay Area. Alisa will lead a conversation with florists: Allison Futeral, co-founder of Crimson Horticulture Rarities and Christina Stembel, founder of Farmgirl Flowers, who design stunning, artful creations, and expanding the business beyond bouquets.

Lecture by Frances Schultz

Frances Schultz
April 7, 2016 -

Program Change: New Speaker Frances Schultz

Carolyne Roehm, who was scheduled to speak at the de Young for Bouquets to Art on April 7 at 10:30 am, has had to cancel due to illness. We are pleased to present journalist, author, and television personality Frances Schultz in her place. 

Lecture and Floral Demonstration: "Vase or no Vase: Captivating Techniques in Armature Design", by Annette Kunz

Annette Kunz
April 6, 2016 -

Occasion! founder and CEO, Annette Kunz is first and foremost a floral designer whose work has been published in books, magazines, newspapers, and shown on television. A longtime exhibitor at Bouquets to Art, Annette is greatly influenced by the natural scenic splendor that surrounds her on California’s central coast, which is always reflected in her innovative and captivating designs. A student of cutting-edge design, Annette will demonstrate how armature design, which is widely used abroad and catching on in the states, adds sculptural and textural attributes to designs.

Lecture and Floral Display: "Roses, Roses, Roses", by Danielle Hahn

Danielle Hahn
April 6, 2016 -

“A rose is a rose is a rose,” the famous expression goes, but not all roses are created equal. When Bill and Danielle Hahn opened Rose Story Farm nearly two decades ago, they knew what they wanted to grow—the lush, fragrant blooms of her grandparents’ yards. Today they feature more than 25,000 plants at their farm near Santa Barbara, and these beautiful organic blossoms are an American treasure. Danielle will present a thorough overview of roses, including their history and tips on working with them.

Lecture: “Island Style: A Combination of Traditional British Past and Richly Flavored Caribbean Present”, by India Hicks

India Hicks
April 5, 2016 -

Style muse India Hicks is difficult to sum up in one word. Designer, author, entrepreneur, and adventurer, India is the embodiment of the style she will discuss: British formality and carefree island living. Daughter of the famed international designer David Hicks and goddaughter of the Prince of Wales, she is an elegant, curious, and intriguing woman. India will share tips on incorporating different styles for beautiful living.

Note: To keep flowers as fresh as possible, the temperature of the Koret Auditorium may be cooler than usual. Please dress accordingly.

"Outliers: Expanding the Canon: A mini-symposium"

Ceremonial robe (kaparamip), ca. 1912–1926
February 18, 2016 -

How do we situate artworks or even entire art movements that lie outside the notion of the artistic canon (or perceived canon)? In the expansive realm of non-Western art, what defines an outlier? Outliers can be unique objects that do not fit within the corpus, understudied art forms, works overlooked by the art market, or art that is culturally distinctive within its own region. Outliers challenge definitions.


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