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Film: "Men of the Cloth"

men of the cloth cover
May 6, 2016 -

Film Screening: Men of the Cloth, documentary film by Vicki Vasilopoulos, followed by a panel discussion.

Viewing begins promptly at 6:30 pm, panel discussion to follow.
Please arrive early as we honor Wilkes Bashford’s contributions as a fashion leader to San Francisco. The Honorable Willie Brown will accept the honor in memory of Wilkes Bashford.

Guest Lecture: "Oscar de la Renta: American Designer", by Jeremy Miller

Oscar de la Renta, evening dress, resort, 2012
February 25, 2016 -

Jeremy Miller is a faculty member at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. He earned his MA in Art History with a focus on 18th century Venetian art. He is currently researching artistic and public identity in fashion photography circa the 1920s and 1930s. Miller teaches topics ranging from survey of Western art to history of costume design.

Lao-Tai Textiles and the Mythic Imagination with Ellison Findly

Tai Daeng door curtain
March 12, 2016 -

Textiles do things. They keep us warm, protect us from the sun, and make us feel beautiful. In northeastern Laos, however, textiles do other things as well. They bring babies, keep evil spirits at bay, heal us, and take our spirits to heaven when we die. Not only are these exquisite weavings the central vehicles of artistic expression, but they are also catalysts for personal and social rejuvenation.

Guest Lecture: "Digital Art, Street View, and Webcams", by Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell
February 4, 2016 -

Jenny Odell is a Bay Area native who makes use of secondhand imagery, most commonly from Google Earth. Her work attempts to bring into focus the specific, fragile, and physically-determined characteristics of human existence by cataloguing its infrastructure. Odell's projects have been featured at the Google Headquarters, Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Fotomuseum Antwerp, Les Rencontres d'Arles, and La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. They have also appered in TIME's LightBox, the Atlantic, The Economist, WIRED, the NPR Picture Show, Die Zeit, Le Soir, and European Photography.

Guest Lecture: "A Renaissance Refresher", by Christy Junkerman

Bouts, Virgin and Child
February 11, 2016 -

Dr. Christy Junkerman earned a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a PhD from UC Berkeley. She teaches late medieval and early modern Italian art, and is also the coordinator of the 100W course for the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. Her dissertation, an interdisciplinary study of early sixteenth-century Venetian half-length paintings of women who were probably courtesans, examined this large group of paintings from the standpoints of social history, rhetoric, lyric poetry, and the paragone between painting and poetry.

Docent Lecture: "Diebenkorn at Berkeley", by Jim Kohn

Diebenkorn, Seawall
February 2, 2016 -

Richard Diebenkorn provoked an important dialogue between representation and abstraction during his period of work in Berkeley. In 1955, when he was nationally acclaimed as an abstract artist, he confounded the art world with his dramatic shift to representation. Diebenkorn started out painting in a representational mode but later switched to Abstract Expressionism while studying and teaching at the California School of Fine Arts, between 1946 and 1949. Then, during his Berkeley years, Diebenkorn changed and enhanced his working methods, favored themes, and artistic identity.


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