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Curator Lecture: "The Great ArtQuake of 1915", by James A. Ganz

van Rysselberghe, Garden of the Generalife in Granada
October 16, 2015 -

Nine years after San Francisco was rocked by the great earthquake of 1906, the city was the site of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, a world’s fair that included one of the largest art exhibitions ever presented on the West Coast. This talk gives an overview of the great “artquake” of 1915 and the aftershocks that are still being felt in San Francisco’s cultural institutions.

October 16, 2015 - 7:15pm

The San Francisco Auxiliary Presents Women and the PPIE

John Singer Sargent, The Sketchers, 1913
November 10, 2015 -

One hundred years ago, San Francisco hosted millions of visitors to the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), a spectacular world’s fair whose attractions included the most comprehensive art exhibition ever mounted on the West Coast. A century later, masterpieces representing a significant array of art shown at the PPIE, from Impressionism to Futurism, are reunited in Jewel City: Art from San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

November 10, 2015 - 10:30am

Symposium: "Jewel City: Art from San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition"

Umberto Boccioni, Dynamism of a Soccer Player
October 24, 2015 -

James A. Ganz, curator of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, and curator of Jewel City: Art from San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition facilitates a discussion of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition and its art program, presented with the support of the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council. Speakers include:

October 24, 2015 - 1:00pm

Guest Lecture: "E wehe ana i ka maoli (Uncovering What is Real) - Undressing the Savage" by Sulu'ape Keone Nunes

Sulu'ape Keone Nunes
October 2, 2015 -

Sulu'ape Keone Nunes is one of the leading experts on Hawaiian culture, customs, and kākau (tattooing). 

Nunes uses only traditional Hawaiian tools in his works and his protocols for practice are rooted in a long genealogical lineage. He studied under the late Su'a Sulu'ape Paulo (Samoa) in the use of traditional Polynesian implementations and under several Hawaiian kupuna (elders) in tattooing traditions. Nunes is also an educator and community leader, and he lectures and works internationally.

This event is expired.


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